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Ansett NZ
Review the status of the Flight Safety Co-ordinator to ensure that officer has a balanced input from the company's management, operations, and engineering staff on which to base an accident prevention programme.
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Ansett New Zealand's objective of ensuring that its management of Flight Safety is of a high standard and at a level consistent with the highest industry standards in an ever-changing environment, has led to the creation of a new management structure for flight safety, as part of a wider re-organisation. This re-organisation has rendered the earlier position of "Flight Safety Co-ordinator" obsolete. The Flight Safety programme previously managed by the Regional Flight Managers, and supported by the Flight Safety Co-ordinator, has now become the prime focus and responsibility of the newly created position of "Flight Safety Manager". The new management structure is designed to ensure that the Flight Safety programme has a balanced input from the Company's management, operations, and engineering staff, and that that input is overseen by the Flight Safety Manager, as a basis inter alia upon which to base the Company's Flight Safety programme which embodies accident prevention objectives and techniques.

Accordingly, although the Flight Safety Co-ordinator position no longer exists, the apparent intent of [this recommendation] has been adopted by Ansett New Zealand.
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