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define criteria for clinical parameters, such as peak aortic velocity, that would limit the risk of sudden incapacitation in pilots with mild heart valve disease to within acceptable limits, and establish appropriate medical surveillance criteria.
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I will not accept this recommendation as worded; however I will review CAA handling of pilots with valvular heart disease at a joint clinical workshop that will take place in June 2006.

I have come to this decision because; there is no evidence, provided by TAIC or obtained from other sources, to suggest that the pilot had a risk of sudden incapacitation that was outside of the acceptable limits. Certainly the pilot failed to meet our medical standards but he was subsequently assessed under the flexibility provisions of the legislation. This case-by-case assessment considered the medical information available, including the aortic flow characteristics, and determined that the incapacitation risk was within acceptable limits. In issuing that medical certificate stringent medical surveillance requirements were also imposed
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