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Liaise with Transit New Zealand, Tranz Rail Limited and the appropriate local authorities to initiate a review to define all public level crossings where the stacking distance for long road vehicles is insufficient to ensure safe entry to or exit from the crossing, and to ensure that appropriate action is taken, consistent with the frequency of use and the potential consequences of collision.

[This safety recommendation also repeated as SR 036/02 in report 02-113, near collision between TranzCoastal and empty petrol tanker.]
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The Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA) acknowledges the TAIC recommendation regarding the safety of railway level crossings for long vehicles and will liaise with Transit New Zealand, Tranz Rail Ltd and other road controlling authorities appropriately. The LTSA will request road controlling authorities to identify all level crossings within their districts where stacking distances for long road vehicles are insufficient to ensure safe entry or exit from the crossing, and develop and implement appropriate road or rail strategies to minimise risk of collision. For the information of the Commission, the LTSA has received a copy of a Ministry of Transport document entitled "Road Management, Options for Reform", submissions on which close on 31 July 1997. The LTSA plans to address the issue of responsibilities and accountabilities for road safety actions in our submission on the paper to the Ministry of Transport.
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