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NZ Gliding Assn.
Review the existing visual signals in use between tug and glider pilots and re-promulgate the list of standard signals to be used by the pilots of all clubs which are members of the Association in the form of a poster or other aid likely to be a constant reminder to all tug and glider pilots.
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The visual signals, especially between tow plane and glider, are standard and are derived from the British Gliding Association. They are taught to all glider pilots. However, the NZGA is in agreement with the suggestion that a poster depicting all launch signals would be an aid to safety. We are, therefore, investigating the manufacture of such a poster.

I trust these answers meet the concerns of the Commission ... Copies of the Commission letter and this letter will be passed to our Safety and Operations Officer for his use during his standardisation visits around the Clubs and at our safety seminars.
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