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Ansett NZ
Issue an interim instruction that, unless overriding considerations prevail, in the event of any system abnormality occurring during an instrument approach in instrument meteorological conditions the Captain shall discontinue the approach and climb to or maintain a safe altitude until the appropriate procedures relating to the abnormality have been completed correctly.
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Ansett New Zealand has, in conjunction with Ansett Australia, issued an amendment to the General Operating Procedures that define an absolute requirement to resolve all abnormal checklists; either prior to entering the approach phase or where an approach has been commenced it is to be discontinued to allow checklist completion at a safe altitude unless a greater emergency exists.

Ansett New Zealand's policy and procedures dealing with the management of abnormals and flight path control are already comprehensively detailed in Operation Manuals, General Operating Procedures and Flight Training references, and are given great weight in all of our training, both initial and recurrent.

This recommendation has been adopted by all Ansett Group airlines and is now embodied in our Standard Operating Procedures.
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