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The Commission recommends that the Director of Civil Aviation as a matter of urgency reviews the approvals granted for the FU24-954 aircraft with a view to amending the Flight Manual to allow more accurate determinations of aircraft centre of gravity. This review should also extend to other conversions of Fletcher and Cresco aircraft.
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The CAA intends to issue a further Emergency Airworthiness Directive (DCA/FU24/180 Parachuting – Flight Manual Supplement Approval) to be applicable to all FU24 series aircraft modified to conduct parachute operations. It will address the issue that it may be possible in some parachute configurations to exceed the aircraft’s aft Centre of Gravity limit. In doing so, CAA will review all AFM parachute operation supplements, including those approved by delegation holders or foreign authorities to ensure that they provide adequate determination of the Centre of Gravity position.
In addition to the ADs, CAA has commenced a broader safety review of parachuting operations, to establish if there are other safety issues arising. The review includes existing parachuting flight manual supplements, pilot training and type ratings for FU24 series aircraft, the provision of operational information to pilots, clarification of aircraft loading limitations and a review of the necessity of seating and/or restraint systems for parachutists.
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