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KiwiRail is aware of 264 other public level crossings in New Zealand that have the same or similar issues with stacking distances for long road vehicles as that encountered at the Beach Road level crossing at Paekakariki.

The Commission recommends to the Chief Executive of the NZ Transport Agency that as a matter of urgency he address this safety issue.
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KiwiRail has provided information that there are now 252 level crossings with less than 23 metres distance between the centreline of the nearest railway line and the continuity/edge line at an adjacent intersection where road traffic from the railway does not have right of way. I have attached a register for your information. The register of crossings has been coded according to collision history in the last ten years. There are nine crossings that had two or more collisions. Of these five had alarm upgrades during this period and there have been no further collisions.

Further analysis by KiwiRail indicates that average collision rates (adjusted for the level of both road and rail traffic) at crossings where there are adjacent intersections within 23 metres are only 6% higher than collision rates at crossings with no nearby intersection. This suggests that it is where there is a high level of traffic on the parallel road that risk of collision significantly increases. This matter is subject to further discussion between KiwiRail and NZ Transport Agency to determine further options.

The NZ Transport Agency takes this situation seriously and will continue to discuss these situations with external parties to explore new solutions for the improvement of rail and road safety.
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