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Paraparaumu and Feilding mid-air collisions have shown that despite pilots making appropriate radio transmissions, they have failed to actively listen and respond appropriately to the transmissions of others and take action to avoid a collision.

The Commission also notes that limitations with the concept of see-and-avoid probably contributed to the Paraparaumu and Fielding mid-air collisions as well as the near miss above New Plymouth.

The Commission recommends that the Director of Civil Aviation takes measuresuseuse the lessons from this report to educate pilots at all levels of the aviation industry, and in particular flight training establishments, of:

- How important the concept of see-and-avoid is for detecting and avoiding other aircraft
- The limitations of the concept of see-and-avoid
- The importance of making clear and concise radio transmissions to warn other aircraft of your location and intentions, and the importance of listening to radio transmissions from other aircraft to help build an accurate mental picture of the situation around you.
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As provided in our letter of 23 August 2012, the CAA considers the level of its current activity to address the issues is sufficient, given the competing priorities. Accordingly, the CAA considers that both recommendations have been fully addressed.
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