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The Commission has made 2 recommendations to the Chief Executive of KiwiRail, that he:

1. Install some form of protection that will automatically stop a train that has overrun Signal 38 in the Wellington station area, and that he review other signalling arrangements in busy, high-risk metro passenger areas to ensure that the same arrangements are in place to minimise the risk of train collisions for the same or similar reasons.

2. Take the necessary action to reinforce to all staff the existing rule forbidding non-operational conversations with train drivers, and use some means of monitoring compliance with the rule.

On 23 October the Commission recommended that the Chief Executive of the NZ Transport Agency takes all appropriate steps to ensure that KiwiRail addresses the above recommendations.
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Recommendations 022/13 and 023/13 that the Commission have directed to the Chief Executive of KiwiRail are noted. Recommendation 024/13 made to the Chief Executive of the NZ Transport Agency is accepted. Discussions on these recommendations will be initiated on publication of the final report. These discussions will include a projected timeframe for implementation. This will be advised to TAIC in due course.
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