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Transit NZ
Liaise with the Christchurch City Council to review the integrated use of Barters Road and Kirk Road level crossings and take such steps as are necessary to encourage long vehicles to use Barters Road level crossing and to prohibit any uncontrolled crossing of Kirk Road level crossing by vehicles exceeding 11 m in length.
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The immediate actions rest with Christchurch City Council and are already under way. I understand that the Council has already recommended a by-law restricting the length of vehicles exiting at Kirk Road to 9 m, and that this process will be complete by the end of July. This will allow other signposting to be implemented. The medium term options are also under way but to ensure acceptance of transport operators their implementation should await the completion of the traffic signal changes at the SH1 : SH73 intersection at Carmen/Shands/Main South roads. You will note our intention to assess a longer term relocation of access to SH1. This will be investigated in the next 12 months. I fully support your recommendation with the change in the length restriction from 11 m to 9 m.
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