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The train controller had been identified by KiwiRail management as having concentration and focus issues in relation to tasks required for the safe execution of track occupation authorities following a track occupation irregularity during February 2012. This was 16 months before the track occupation irregularity covered in this report, and during that period the train controller went on to have two further operating irregularities while he remained in the role.

The Commission recommends to the Chief Executive of the NZ Transport Agency that he address with KiwiRail the safety issue whereby KiwiRail's standard policy and procedures allowed an "at-risk" train controller to continue working at train control workstations while undergoing a formal investigation and remedial process after KiwiRail had identified issues that would have affected his ability to perform his safety-critical role effectively.
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Recommendation 023/14 that the Commission has directed to the Chief Executive of the NZ Transport Agency is accepted. Discussions on this recommendation will be initiated on the publication of the final report. These discussions will include a projected timeframe for implementation. This will be advised to the Commission in due course.

The NZ Transport Agency has commenced the process for a Special Safety Assessment of KiwiRail's National Train Control Centre (NTCC) to be conducted, starting on Tuesday 20 January 2015. This will enable the Agency to have a greater level of insight into the NTCC operation to ensure that the licensed operator is operating within the requirements of its safety case.
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