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Currently KiwiRail does not have a fully developed, comprehensive fatigue risk management system to ensure that all relevant personnel perform at adequate levels of awareness.

On 23 August 2018 the Commission recommended that the Chief Executive of KiwiRail ensure that a comprehensive fatigue risk management system is fully developed and implemented within the organisation.
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Fatigue Risk Management System

KiwiRail presently has two streams of work in progress which are addressing fatigue risk management. There is a review of the enterprise wide fatigue policy that includes a wider organisational focus on occupational health and wellbeing related fatigue. This includes physical fatigue, mental fatigue and sleep fatigue risk.
Secondly and concurrently with this, the respective business units are addressing specific fatigue risk management initiatives and providing educational information on how to best manage risks occurring from fatigue.

The fatigue risk management strategy program is a joint KiwiRail and Rail & Maritime Transport Union project delivered through the High Performance High Engagement program. A fatigue risk management strategy is currently under development for train drivers/train controllers, and eventually will be introduced across the business.
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