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On 24 August 2016 the Commission recommended that the Director of Civil Aviation provide a clear statement to relevant sectors of the aviation industry on whether stock clearing is a permitted activity. If the Director decides it is a permitted activity under a particular Civil Aviation Rule part, he should provide clear guidance on the conduct of the activity.
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In our response to the Commission's draft report, 11 August 2016, we explained there is no CAA rule provision for stock clearing; therefore, the Director cannot provide clear guidance on the conduct of the activity in the context of existing CA Rules.

However, the CAA recognises that an operation to a remote airstrip presents a risk to air transport in that the landing area may have visible hazards, including the presence of stock, which could affect the safety of a landing. Whilst there are no existing provisions in the rules to descend below 500 feet (aside for take-off/landing or a baulked landing/discontinued approach), the Director will agree to pursue a means to enable air transport operators to overfly a remote airstrip below 500 feet for the purposes of ensuring the landing area is visibly free from hazards.

The CAA remains focused on safety management based on risk mitigation. The CAA believes the alternative safety action will address the safety issue raised by the Commission and we will advise when the work has been completed.
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