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On 25 August 2016 the Commission recommended to the Chief Executive of the NZ Transport Agency that he liaise with KiwiRail and relevant road controlling authorities to assess and confirm which provincial level crossings have significant safety issues that do not align with the NZ Transport Agency's Traffic Control Devices Manual - Part 9 - Level Crossings, then work with the authorities to ensure that safety improvements are prioritised and implemented.
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The Transport Agency, in its capacity as rail safety regulator, will formally write to the appropriate entities, including KiwiRail and advise them of the recommendation 018/16 and request that they advise the Agency of how they plan to:
1. Review the level crossings in their areas to establish if there are safety issues that need addressing - in alignment with the NZ Transport Agency’s Traffic control devices manual - Part 9 - Level Crossings
2. Ensure safety improvements are prioritised and implemented.
We will ensure the Commission is kept informed of the progress made relating to this recommendation.
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