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Two trains have collided with the stop block at Melling Station in the space of just over one year. The normal line speed for the section of track between the preceding station and Melling is 70 km/h. The Melling Station platform only becomes clearly visible to the train driver once the train has rounded the last bend, about 400 m from the stop block. If trains were restricted to a lower speed before they rounded the last bend, the risk of a platform overrun and resulting collision with the stop block would be reduced.
The Commission recommends that KiwiRail apply a suitable permanent speed restriction to the last section of the Melling Line to reduce the approach speed to Melling Station.
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General Manager - Rail Passenger Group advised that KiwiRail had reduced the"line speed" on the Melling Line from 70 km/h to 50 km/h and imposed a speed restriction of 25 km/h for the approach to Melling Station.
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