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International Council of Cruise Lines
On 10 April 2017 the Commission recommended to the Cruise Lines International Association that as a matter of urgency it contact members, informing them about the circumstances of this accident and warning them to have the systems inspected immediately by a competent person. Any corroded nitrogen cylinders or other associated pressure vessels should be removed for further assessment.
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In response to your letter addressed to us dated 10 April 2017 (regarding MO-2017-203), I can confirm that we have reviewed your request, the interim report, and the relevant proposed recommendation. We would be pleased to timely address this recommendation with our membership, upon publication of the actual report. We would further ask that the final version of the report affirmatively state our commitment to do so. CLIA represents approximately 95% of the world’s oceangoing cruise ship capacity, so our engagement on this should have a broad reach to the potentially affected community.
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