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Navalimpiant Technical
On 10 April 2017 the Commission recommended to the manufacturer that, as a matter of urgency, it contact all known ship owners that have the same or similar emergency launching and recovery systems installed on their vessels, informing them about the circumstances of this accident, and advising them to have the systems inspected immediately by a competent person to check whether the nitrogen cylinders and other pressure vessels associated with the systems are fit for purpose. Any nitrogen cylinders deemed unfit due to corrosion should be removed for further assessment
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We shall highlight that the interim report does not reflect that our last service intervention commented that, even if the launching appliance was in satisfactory working condition, the nitrogen bottles were reported aged and consequently recommended replacement.
As per your recommendation, please be informed that we are promptly contacting all out customers having the same or similar equipment on board and our service networks is following up to support our customers in this dedicated inspection. Any nitrogen cylinder deemed unfit due to corrosion will be required to be removed for further assessment.
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