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Undertake a full review of the Safe Ship Management system and make changes to ensure the system promotes and effectively regulates a safe and sustainable maritime industry consistently throughout New Zealand.
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MNZ constantly monitors the SSM system, which has been formally reviewed three times since its introduction in 1998. Each review, by independent bodies external to MNZ, found that the philosophy behind the system was sound, and since the system was introduced safety statistics in all commercial maritime sectors have improved. While feedback from the industry indicates solid support for the intent of the system MNZ considers that there is still room for improvement in how the system is implemented and delivered by MNZ and SSM companies.

In line with our continuous improvement policy, a review of the SSM system has been identified as the key strategic priority for MNZ in its 2007-2010 Statement of Intent. MNZ has commenced a programme of work to enhance the sustainability and effectiveness of the SSM system by:

Ensuring that the regulatory framework supporting SSM is robust and appropriate by reviewing the maritime rules that govern its operation. A draft discussion document summarising proposed changes to Maritime Rules Part 21 (Safety Management Systems) and Part 46 (Surveys, Certification and Maintenance) is due for public release in late 2007;
Complementing existing guidance material (Health and Safety: A Guide; FishSAFE Health and Safety Guidelines; various leaflets) with additional material including a comprehensive resource to support owners in the development of their SSM systems, specific fatigue management material, and health and safety guidelines for passenger and non-passenger operations. This additional material is being progressively released through until December 2007 in association with targeted training material;
Increasing the amount and quality of formal and informal training and education that is available to all those working in the system, including MNZ and SSM Company staff, surveyors, owners and operators. This training will be supported by the development of a mentor network utilising experienced industry participants to provide support and advice to their peers;
Reviewing the current capacity and quality of service delivery by both MNZ and SSM Companies in the area of SSM and comparing this with requirements in order to identify and address necessary areas for improvement;
Allocating additional resources to the SSM team within MNZ to allow for more responsive contact with industry and other stakeholders, along with the provision of personalised assistance where required to owners and operators; and
Structured auditing by MNZ of SSM service providers.

This work is being actively progressed and monitored within MNZ. It is also intended to establish an external consultative group to ensure that all industry and other stakeholders remain fully involved with, and aware of, the programme as it is developed and implemented.
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