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None of KiwiRail's staff involved with loading and securing the wagon body was sufficiently familiar with the KiwiRail Freight Handling Code to realise that the securing arrangement was not compliant with the Code.

KiwiRail had a responsibility to ensure that staff was trained and competent in all tasks being undertaken. It had to ensure that the loading and stowage of goods on railway wagons were carried out by people with the appropriate training and certification.

The Commission recommends that the Chief Executive of KiwiRail take steps to ensure that appropriate training is given to all staff involved in load security and that staff responsible for checking load security at the various stages of a train journey are discharging their duties in a manner consistent with the KiwiRail Freight Handling Code.
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KiwiRail intentds to take the following actions:

1. KR Operational and Training Manager have been tasked to carry out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA), develop and implement a KR Training package to designated KR Staff (Freight Terminals) and Third Parties (Freight Staff).

Individual type Training Packages are to ensure that all staff involved in loading, load security certifying load, accessing presented load, responsible for checking load security at the various stages of a train journey are discharging their duties in accordance with the Freight Handling Code.
- Training Needs and Analysis (TNA) is envisioned for a completion date 31 May 2014.
- Training Development is envisioned for a completion date 31 Jul 2014
- Training Delivery programme is envisioned for completion date 30 Sep 2014

2. KiwiRail will discuss with Third Parties on how best to scope and undertake the training: however whilst in infancy development and the catch-all and confidence assurance to KiwiRail will be 1 above.

3. For Audit purposes the "Training Programme" is to electronically record the individual’s course completion, competency/authorisation and ongoing refresher training requirements. Third Party Facilities to self-manage staff competencies post course completion notification (KiwiRail/Internal) Refer 5 below.

4. KiwiRail Freight Operations will develop an en-route monitoring programme to ensure cargo remains appropriately secured and fit to travel. Special Project to be completed by 30 Sep 2014. Refer 5 below.

5. KiwiRail Audit will develop and audit and revalidation programme to support 1 and 2 above.
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