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Garden City Helicopters
On 25 February 2016 the Commission recommended to the Chief Executive Officer of Garden City Helicopters that he amend company policies, procedures and practices relating to the management of pilot competency. These amendments should include annual recurrent training and regular proficiency checks for all pilots on all aircraft types flown. For pilots who lack recent experience on an aircraft type, the amendments should introduce increased supervision, additional training and the use of written checklists.
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In response to your letter dated the 25th February 2016 Garden City Helicopters would like to confirm that the following changes have been incorporated into the company;

- GCH have implemented a new standard operating procedure requiring all pilots conducting EMS work to complete six monthly competency checks.- Effective immediately following incident
- Additional pilots have been added to the EMS roster. –December 2014
- The company SOP regarding pilot’s competency has been revised. A matrix has now been incorporated to effectively track pilot currency and competency on all aircraft types they are rated to fly. This also records the aircraft type that the preceding check was completed in, to ensure where possible competency checks are rotated through the aircraft types a pilot is rated to fly. – August 2015
- GCH replaced its training manager with an experience Airline Flight Examiner – October 2015
- GCH carried out a comprehensive review of its CAA 141 Check and Training Procedures Manual. The manual has been rewritten and submitted to CAA for approval. – March 2016

Garden City Helicopters would like to thank TAIC for the considerable time and resources that have been allocated to compiling the report. GCH have fully implemented all recommendations outlined in the TAIC letter dated 25th of February 2016.

Since the incident GCH have devoted a considerable amount of time and resources into reviewing and where necessary modifying our systems and procedures to ensure our personnel and clients will not be exposed to the circumstances that led to this incident again.

In addition to the recommendations found in the report, GCH have completely rewritten the company 141 Check and Training Procedures Manual. This was carried out in consultation with industry professionals to ensure compliance with CAA regulations and industry best practice.
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