Recommendation Date
Recipient Name
Shih Wei Navigation Company Ltd
On 21 May 2020 the Commission recommended that Shih Wei Navigation Company Limited (Taiwan) carry out a comprehensive safety assessment of vessels engaged in carrying and securing deck log cargo. The assessment is to result in appropriate procedures and guidance being contained in the safety management system and ensure that a safe system of work is established.
Reply Text
On 5 June 2020, the Commission received a response to the recommendation stating Shih Wei Navigation Company Limited had since issued a circular to their fleet - ‘E-Circular 20-11 - Attention for the lashing of timber loading on deck and risk assessment’.

The Commission notes that the response was not from Shih Wei Navigation Company Limited but from the new management company of the vessel, Oceanlance Maritime Co, Limited. As Shih Wei Navigation Company Limited remains the beneficial owner of Coresky OL, and continues to operate similar vessels, the Commission’s recommendation remains directed at Shih Wei Navigation Company Limited.
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