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On 25 March 2020 the Commission recommended that the Chief Executive of Sanford Limited implement training for the crew on the configuration of the emergency stops to avoid confusion on which emergency stop services which system. This will reduce the likelihood of crew accessing running machinery after pressing incorrect emergency stops.
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On 21 May 2020 Sanford Limited replied:

Sanford wishes to co-operate fully with the Commission and is actively taking steps to implement the recommendation for further training on Estops.

On 09 June 2020 Sanford Limited further replied:

Sanford has actively taken steps to ensure awareness and understanding of emergency stops and to implement the Commission’s recommendation … the following action has been taken post the accident:
- The crew on the San Granit is refreshed on the induction process (which includes the emergency stops) annually;
- The crew on both swings was refreshed on factory SOPs (including emergency stops relevant to each crew member’s tasks) after the incident and before the vessel returned to sea. We understand crew frequently test the emergency stops before the start of each shift;
- Numerous Factors [sic] SOPs were reviewed and amended. All crew have been refreshed on the new SOPs. Of note the SOPs around the auto plate freezer have been updated and crew retrained.
- Further crew retraining is expected to be completed in the near future as soon as practicable having regard to the fact that the vessel has 2 swings and is at sea for extended periods of time (up to 6-7 weeks).
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