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Transdev Auckland
The training that the train crew had received was limited to conflict avoidance and did not provide them with the skills to deal with wider security scenarios.

The action the train crew took on this occasion was appropriate. However, the crew was not trained in alternative options. In different circumstances the crew might need to take alternative action. Guidance on the options that might suit various scenarios would be useful to train crews.

On 21 February 2019 the Commission recommended that Transdev Auckland improve the quality of training for train crews, including training on liaising with emergency services, so that they are better prepared to respond to unusual situations.
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[Transdev Auckland] accepts that there are some gaps in the emergency training provided to crews, most notably major tagging events. As a result [Transdev Auckland] will develop some new Q-cards for on board crews and provide training on their use (as part of our refresher training).
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