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Department of Conservation
On 23 February 2018 the Commission recommended that, given the potentially harsh and sensitive environment in the sub-Antarctic islands and the likelihood that shipping activity will increase in future, the Director-General of the Department of Conservation appoint a suitably qualified person to manage the safety of navigation in the sub-Antarctic islands.
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I can confirm that the Director-General will implement the recommendation of the Commission.

In order to implement the recommendation, the Department of Conservation intends to enter into a contractual arrangement with a suitably qualified person to manage the safety of navigation in the Subantarctic Islands. The intention is that this person will carry out the functions and services of a harbourmaster as are relevant to the
Subantarctic (and Kermadec) Islands, albeit that the appointment will not be made pursuant to the Maritime Transport Act 1994.

The Department intends to take the following actions in the first instance:
a. Obtain advice from Maritime New Zealand as to what qualifications and experience are necessary for a “suitably qualified person” to deliver harbourmaster functions for the Subantarctic (and Kermadec) Islands. Advice will also be sought on which harbourmaster functions are relevant to the Subantarctic (and Kermedec) Islands.
b. Request the same advice from Environment Canterbury Harbourmaster, an experienced harbourmaster, has provided the Department with expert maritime advice in the development of the regional coastal plan and during the appeal process. He is also personally familiar with both groups of islands.

Depending on the advice we receive, options the Department will assess are likely to include asking Mr Dilley if he would consider a contractual arrangement to provide the harbourmaster functions, or, alternatively, whether two separate arrangements with harbourmasters in Whangarei and Southland would be more effective.

I am not in a position at this stage (i.e. prior to receiving the advice outlined above) to advise when we anticipate this will be fully implemented.
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