Photo of a rail bridge, side view, showing two supporting concrete piers, in the middle of the gap between them, there should be a third pier, but it is missing. In its place, the bridge has a shallow but clearly noticeable  'V' shaped sag.
Bridge 57, in the days after the sag was noticed. TAIC Photo
Rail Bridge 57, damaged in flood waters, Rangitata River, near Ealing, 12 April 2024
Occurrence Date
The reported circumstances were that the deck of a rail bridge began to sag after a vertical support structure (pier) went missing in flood waters. There were no trains on the bridge at the time and trains were prevented from crossing the bridge. The incident occurred on Bridge 57 over the Rangitata River at about 1100 on 12 April at the 127.2 Km mark on the Main South Line, south of Ealing in Canterbury.
[As initially reported. Subject to change. Not official Findings].