a passenger train stands stationary, across a set of points. In the foreground a rail traffic signal displays a red light. The parallel-converging track on the left is the one along which the metropolitan train was authorised to travel.
The Te Huia passenger service pictured on the day of the incident. It stands stationary across the set of points that broke when it passed over. Photo (c)
Two passenger trains, SPAD and potential conflict, Penrose, Auckland, 17 June 2023
Occurrence Date
The reported circumstances are that the Te Huia passenger service was enroute from Hamilton to Auckland when it went past a red signal (SPAD – Signal Passed At Danger) near Penrose Station. The train continued, damaging a set of points and stopped in the fouling zone of a junction (the area on a pair of converging tracks where two trains can collide side-on). This set up a potential conflict with a metropolitan train that had authorisation to occupy that section of track.