Passenger express Train 700 "TranzCoastal" and petrol tanker, near collision Vickerman Street level crossing, near Blenheim, 25 April 2002
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On Thursday 25 April 2002 at about 1242 hours, a near collision occurred between passenger express Train 700 TranzCoastal and an empty petrol tanker, at Vickerman Street level crossing, near Blenheim. As the train approached the level crossing, the locomotive engineer saw the tanker obstructing the crossing and immediately sounded the horn and applied the emergency brakes. The train stopped about 5 m short of the crossing, by which time the tanker had reversed clear.

There were no injuries.

The safety issue identified was the lack of adequate stacking distance for long road vehicles waiting to turn on to State Highway 1 after negotiating the level crossing.

No safety deficiencies in the rail system were identified.

Safety recommendations were made to Land Transport Safety Authority, Transit New Zealand and Marlborough District Council.

[The report repeats safety recommendation 064/96 conveyed in report 96-106. Other reports referring to stacking distance or similar include 97-110, 93-112, 93-105]
near Blenheim (-41.474071,173.962323) [may be approximate]