Aerial shot of the Chokyo Maru 68, a 48-metre fishing vessel, after the accident. A line is attached to the stern of the vessel, under tension from a tug. 10-20m off the Chokyo Maru's port beam are prominent coastal rocks both above and below the water surface. Perhaps 80-100m off the Chokyo Maru's starboard bow, three smaller vessels sit in pontoon at anchor.
The Chokyo Maru at the accident site. Photo (c): NZ Herald | Michael Blampied
Chokyo Maru No.68, ran aground, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand, 16 April 2024
Occurrence Date
The reported circumstances were that the Japanese registered fishing vessel Chokyo Maru No. 68 ran aground near The Noises, a group of islands in the Hauraki Gulf. The vessel was carrying 27 crew members and was bound for Auckland when it ran aground at about 0330. The vessel was re-floated at about 1330 and towed to Auckland without further incident. Nobody was injured.
[As initially reported. Subject to change. Not official Findings].