Photo of a 29 metre steel hull trawler in the foreground, slowly approaching the viewer. The sea is very calm. In the far distance behind the vessel, the Sun is  near the horizon.
The Paciic Challenger. Photo (c) Waikawa Fishing Co. Ltd.
f.v. Pacific Challenger, crewmember missing, off Waimarama coast, 1 April 2024
Occurrence Date
The reported circumstances were that the New Zealand registered fishing vessel Pacific Challenger was fishing about 6 nautical miles off the Waimarama coast, Hawke’s Bay. In the vessel’s wheelhouse, the mate took over watchkeeping duties from the skipper at 1800. The skipper remained in the wheelhouse till about 2000 then went outside. At about 2045 when the skipper had not returned, the mate raised an alarm and alerted the crew. Despite an extensive search, the skipper was not found and is missing.
[As initially reported. Subject to change. Not official Findings].