Port operations accident, Port of Auckland, 15 April 2022
Occurrence Date
TAIC is inquiring into serious accidents during ship loading operations. Under 13(2) of the Transport Accident Investigation Commission Act 1990, the Minister of Transport has directed TAIC to investigate the circumstances and causes of two accidents – at Ports of Auckland and Lyttelton Port -- and determine any potential system-wide lessons. The accident at Ports of Auckland was on 19 April, in which a stevedore reportedly fell from height during loading operations for a container ship.
(For administrative purposes, the two accidents are separately identified in the TAIC system. The 25 April accident at Lyttelton Port, TAIC code MO-2022-202, occurred during coal loading operations for a bulk carrier ship)
Port of Auckland (-36.841923,174.778271) [may be approximate]