Fishing vessel "Kotuku", capsized, Foveaux Strait, 13 May 2006
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Shortly after 1415 on Saturday 13 May 2006, while travelling from Kaihuka, in the Breaksea Islands Group to Bluff, the fishing vessel Kotuku capsized and later sank. Six of the 9 persons on board perished.

The vessel was recovered for investigative purposes but was declared a constructive total loss by the insurance company.

Safety issues identified were:

the effectiveness of the safe ship management system to maintain vessel compliance

the operation of a commercial fishing vessel to transport passengers

the general condition and fitness for purpose of the Kotuku

the risk to maritime operations posed by performance impairing substances such as alcohol and drugs

Safety recommendations were made to the Director of Maritime New Zealand to address these issues.
Foveaux Strait (-46.813748,168.236775) [may be approximate]