Aerial photo of the accident scene. On a sandy beach, -- a sandy beach where one EC130 helicopter sit upright and apparently intact. A few dozen metres away and just above the calm waterline, the fuselage of another EC130 lies on its side, partly embedded in the sand. Between the two helicopters lies the main rotor head and rotor blades of the wrecked helicopter. Around two dozen people including emergency first responders are present.
The accident scene. Photo: Nine News
Mid-air collision, two EC130 helicopters near Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, 2 January 2023
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The New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) is assisting an Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) investigation into a mid-air collision near Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, on 2 January 2023.
It was reported that the two Eurocopter EC130 helicopters, VH-XKQ and VH-XH9, were below 500 feet above ground level near the Sea World helipad. After colliding, VH-XKQ collided with terrain, with four occupants fatally injured and three seriously injured. VH-XH9 sustained substantial damage and conducted a forced landing on the beach; six occupants were injured, one seriously.
ATSB’s investigation is continuing and will conclude with a final report by ATSB.

TAIC is responding to ATSB’s request (under ICAO Convention Annex 13) for New Zealand’s assistance to gather evidence from New Zealand-based organisations. TAIC will also act as a liaison for the NZ citizens involved in the accident.
Near Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland