British Aerospace Jetstream 32, ZK-VAH. Courtesy of Vincent Aviation .
British Aerospace Jetstream 32, ZK-VAH. Courtesy of Vincent Aviation .
Runway excursion, British Aerospace Jetstream 32, ZK-VAH, Auckland Airport, 2 November 2013
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On 2 November 2013 a British Aerospace Jetstream 32 aeroplane taking off from Auckland Airport started to veer left from the runway centreline. The captain was initially able to correct the heading change, but at about 90 knots the turn became uncontrollable. The aeroplane slowly ran off the left side of the runway before the captain could bring it to a stop. No-one was injured and there was no damage to the aeroplane or any airport infrastructure.

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission (Commission) made the following findings:
- the uncommanded turn to the left during take-off was caused by a faulty steering selector
- the defective component within the steering selector could not be determined because of incomplete overhaul records
- the isolated nature of the component failure in this occurrence, and the actions the manufacturer had previously undertaken, meant that additional changes to the relevant maintenance procedures were not warranted.

The Commission made no recommendation as a result of its inquiry.

The key lesson identified from the inquiry into this occurrence was:
- prompt action by a pilot on recognising a loss of directional control during take-off or landing will minimise the risk of a runway excursion.
Auckland airport (-37.005000,174.760000) [may be approximate]