Fairchild Metro RLK 8611, fog/low fuel landing incident, Christchurch Airport, 8 May 1998
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On Friday 8 May 1998 Air Nelson Metro ZK-NSJ, Airlink (RLK) 8611, was being operated on a scheduled service at night from Hokitika to Christchurch when the incident occurred. Unforecast fog occurred at the destination and alternate aerodromes. The aircraft made four ILS approaches before being able to land at the destination. No alternative course of action remained available to the crew at that stage because of the low amount of fuel remaining.

Safety issues identified are:
• the procedure for crews to release company agents from departure aerodromes
• the availability of current weather information from company agents at Timaru and Hokitika
• the CAA action to amend Rules to allow category 1 ILS minima to become normal
• the need for pilots to weigh and interpret weather information and not just take issued forecasts at face value.

Three safety recommendations were made to address these issues.
Christchurch Airport (-43.487054,172.540112) [may be approximate]