Fletcher FU24-300 ZK-CTO, collided with hillside during topdressing operations, near Moa Creek Central Otago, 6 April 1989
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The student agricultural pilot was operating ZK-CTO under the supervision of his instructor who was flying another FU24 on the same sowing task. Both pilots completed several sorties before the instructor halted operations to rebrief the student on his sowing pattern. Further sorties were flown satisfactorily, followed by a break at which time the aircraft were refuelled. During the climbout on the second load after refuelling witnesses heard the engine of ZK-CTO cut then misfire before apparently regaining power. The aircraft was seen to be flying in an end-of-procedure-turn position but much lower than normal, and descending. Shortly afterwards the aircraft collided with the adjacent hillside and caught fire. The pilot was killed on impact.
near Moa Creek Central Otago